About Anything Mama

Hey there! I’m Chanel. I’m a mom of three, one college student and twin 4 year olds. I’ve been with my husband for almost 15 years and married for 5! I know…right?! It’s still something we/I occasionally bring up!

So not sure where to begin, but I figure I should put something in here about me and why I’m here. I have had this dream about starting a blog for some years now. I was having a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to write/share about, so that is how the “Anything Mama” came about. I’m 39 years old and am loving life and the stage of it that I’m in! I feel like I actually have a little wisdom to provide, but still a student always and forever!

I have a passion for creating and building things. This could be anything from cooking a fantastic meal, crafting, or being inspired to update some home decor! This desire to build things also plays into building a business with my husband! To say the least, I am sort of all over the place and love to try and do new things! This blog is to help me share my inspiration and hopefully inspire you!

My goals and dreams are BIG , and are total dreams! I want this to be the place where I out them into the universe! The power of positivity lives in me too- so all the things in life, regardless of how much is going on is all based on focusing on the positive, finding the potential, and striving for excellence, not perfection!

We live in the foothills in the city of Yucaipa. I hope you enjoy reading about what’s going on in our life and how we get through all the things!

Thanks for reading!