Traveling with Toddler Twins

Packing Up!


We love to travel, but sometimes that is a challenge with twin toddlers. It all comes down to planning!

I will be honest, most of our travels are in a family mobile, so that does help a little on what I can pack. When I plan a trip for us I always look at what the sleeping arrangement will be. Since Olivia and Sean are still in cribs and I can’t take two pack and plays, we use these inflatable toddler beds! I purchased the Intex Inflatable Toddler Bed from Aldis, a grocer in our area. I had one toddler bed and one twin inflatable mattress.

I was able to find them cheaper on Yato Store for $39.99, which was cheaper than Amazon at $109.99. I am definitely picking up another one! At the end of the second night here is how the sleeping arrangement ended up!


I find if the kids have their own beds to sleep in, we all sleep better!

Here’s a list of some other helpful items that accompany us when travelling by family mobile:


What to Know Before You Go!

Most of us are pretty savvy now a days because of our cell phones, so we always make sure we scope out a few things. I feel it’s always better to know ahead of time where places are located in relation to you when traveling.

  • Closest emergency room/ hospital
  • Closest grocery store to where we are staying, or baby store (Babies R’ Us, Target etc.)
  • Restaurants that have good reviews from Yelp
  • Activities that are free or low cost- available for the kids to do while we are there (check museums and libraries first)
  • If it’s summertime- look for splash pads!
  • Groupon! You are already spending enough money on this vacation, why not save a little!
  • Our favorite- Costco!
  • Laundromat (if the hotel or resort you are staying at doesn’t accommodate one!) Let’s face it, when you have kids you never know what might happen!

I find it takes a little of the anxiety out of the trip when you know things aren’t too far away that make it easier to !


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