Spring Office Transformation!

So… it’s been a while! Well nothing like giving it another go!

Life got busy from the last post and we had a loss in the family last fall. My Uncle Andy was one of the last people I had talked about my blog to during that time and when he passed I just wasn’t feeling like sharing. That time for healing has taken place since then.

So now spring is here and summer is approaching fast and the air is warming up. I am feeling like I want to give this blog another shot and I hope you enjoy the next months to some. So many ideas in my head and on my goal page, I am hoping I can keep it up and that you will stick with me!

The Dream:

Since spring is here and in full bloom! I am feeling renewed and it’s time to start getting into a new groove. My twins are almost 3 and my oldest is off to college and even moved out! (Crying face emoji!) I can’t believe all the changes this new year has brought, but it’s all good. We don’t grow without change right? Which brings me to my newest challenge- turning McKayla’s (my oldest) old room into my office and creative space!

Here is the current condition of what this room has become! Yes…scary!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This room is like a second garage where things are getting dumped that have been purged from another room. It’s definitely time for a garage sale and a trip or two to charity. These before pictures are to going to serve as my motivation and hopefully if I can stick with it and you with me, you will see the transformation of this room! The space I have pictured in my head will be one that serves as a beautifully organized and comfortable space for me to enjoy my creative flows as they come and a quiet place to work when that quiet time presents itself!

This is where my office/ creative space now resides:

CurrentDeskSpaceCurrent office/creative space

Let’s face it, it’s more of a nook versus a space, but I’m grateful to have even this still. It served it’s purpose once, when I didn’t utilize my crafts as much. This Spring season I am looking forward to using my new space more for the things that inspire me and to achieve some of the goals I’ve been putting off.

My Focal Wall and Anchoring Pieces:

I wanted a wall that really represented my style. After pinning a ton of pics I found that I really loved how black and white looked together and how I have always been drawn to the contrast. So this color scheme will be the walls of this room. I also love mixing decorating styles to fit me. With this said I have discovered I am definitely currently in love with the modern farmhouse or modern rustic look. I link rustic elements, but sometimes making them look a little more refined is my style.

My plan is to paint the top half of the walls black and do the bottom half with white faux shiplap. I’ve been planning this for some time in my head, so I really hope it turns out how I have pictured it. I want a nice big clean space in the center if the room as my desk/workspace. I am hoping I will be able to build the craft table desk that I have found for this. The other piece that I have planned for this room is an armoire that I bought from Pier One years ago that currently lives in the guest bedroom. It sort of has an Asian look to it, so I am not sure if I will paint and distress it or leave it the color it is.

My focus for these next couple of weeks (since that’s about how long it takes me to finish anything these days since the twins aren’t napping anymore) is to get the room cleared, paint the walls, and hopefully get some shiplap up on one wall. I haven’t decided if I want the shiplap to continue around the entire room, but budget is the key theme here and I am hoping to update this space with about $250, including building my desk.

Hope to see you in the next weeks to come!


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