My Fitness Journey

I started a journey for myself in March of this year. After having our twins and deciding that I was going to stay home for the next few years I knew I needed some personal change and development. I wanted to lose some weight and I had finally figured out that I didn’t need to go to a gym to get it done!

My friend had shared with me that she was doing these workouts at home and recommended I try them too. It also just so happened that my coach from a few years ago (when I was trying to get wedding ready) had contacted me shortly after about joining a challenge group. Little did I know these two things were related. I figured it was all a sign to get the ball rolling and stop thinking about a change I was craving for, and to just go for it!

The group was great it kept my accountability up (making sure I was showing up everyday). It also showed me that everyone is busy in life and being healthy is far more attainable than you think. She walked me through what I needed to do the week before we started and we hit the ground running that next Monday!

I am not saying that this wasn’t “challenging.” Especially with any busy household (working or stay at home person) it has its challenges. I am just here to say that any baby step you take in the right directions has a reward! It was motivating to see others working toward the same goal. The workouts were great. I also realized how out of shape I was, which made me more determined to get back to a place I used to be. The reward was not only the physical change and losing 22 pounds in a six month period, but the mental reward as well. I started to realize in this process how my mind, body, and soul are all affected by my health.



I have not reached my final goal, but I will say how liberating it feels to accomplish something that you have been working towards on day at a time. I continue working ion this journey everyday, and everyday I get a little closer. Just like building a house brick by brick!

In this process I decided to become a Beachbody coach and to share and invite others on my journey to a healthier and better you! I have always loved helping others and this was a way for me to help my family physically, mentally, and financially! My passion for health and helping others has flourished into not only a business (which helps me stay at home with our children), but also help others transform their lives into something that will pay it forward for themselves and their families.

If you ever want to join me for of my free challenge groups, please give it try and join us! You can visit me on my website or comment below.

Please leave your comments or questions for me! I love hearing about other’s journeys!

September 2017

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