Nessy Travels

My husband Sean and I are big on travelling! We try and do as much as we have time and money for.

This is one area we really feel strongly about and being intentional with our kids and spending time with them. Some of the best and worst (to be honest) moments you have as a family are when you are travelling! We reminisce all the time of our road trips and travels with our parents when we were growing up and how much fun we had!


This was from our first trip to Yosemite in 2017!

This year we will be taking our annual Yosemite road trip! This will be our third year in a row with the twins. Our oldest McKayla will be in school (missed spring break by 1 week) so unfortunately she won’t be able to go with us.

We stay in Bass Lake and drive into the park most days we are there. I will be posting on how I pack and plan for road trips next month, so keep an eye out!